Meet Paula:

fuel champion
Paula couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw how much this quarters fuel spend had dropped.We asked Paula what was her secret:
“Steertrak. They laser aligned all our vehicles”

And what difference did it make?
“Have you ever tried pushing a shopping trolley when the wheels aren’t straight? It’s just hard work. It’s no different on a truck either……..wonky wheels means wasted fuel!”

Many fleets are still missing this fuel saving opportunity because they still think of wheel alignment as just “Tracking”. Steertrak take a whole vehicle approach assessing all aspects of steering and axles, operational use and maintenance. It’s a case of straight wheels, straight driving and savings straight in your back pocket.

MEET Dave:

Many fleets are still missing this fuel saving opportunity…..


Meet Sid:

Transport manager of the month once again! Under budget & best fuel consumption by a mile.