Designed entirely around heavy commercial vehicle applications, the laser measuring equipment Steertrak uses has been accepted on an industry wide basis, and is used by many European truck manufacturers for quality control. The equipment has two crucially important features setting it apart from other systems.

ELIMINATES WHEEL RIM RUN OUT. The wheel alignment must be referenced to the centre line of the axle stub, NOT the outside of the wheel rim. Errors in the wheel rim and tyre mounting must be compensated for. Many alignment systems originally designed for cars and often used on commercial vehicles do not have this capability.

REFERENCES CENTRELINE OF CHASSIS. Self-centring gauges are mounted from the chassis to enable readings to be taken from the centre line of the vehicle and not, as is the case with many other systems, from the rear axle which is often found to be misaligned to start with.

COMPUTERISED REPORTING. Steertrak’s state of the art computerised wheel alignment report generation system gives to up to date information on the state of your vehicle before and after alignment.

EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION. Routine maintenance and calibration of the laser wheel alignment equipment is also critical for accurate and reliable measurement. All Steertrak engineers are trained in these procedures.