Steertrak launch there new mobile “On-vehicle” disk skimming service. Complimenting their mobile wheel alignment service, they aim to save customers time and money in unnecessary brake disk and pad changes.

Most commercial disks are thrown out half way through their life due to radial cracking. However if the disks are skimmed at each pad change the pad and disk life can be extended by up to 40%. It is also not just the cost of pads and disks but the labour time too, and associated costs of broken studs and damaged calipers. Savings of over £300 per axle have been reported.

Another key benefit is that once a disk is skimmed and fitted with new pads there is no bedding in required. You can go straight to the test station and get 100% brake efficiency.

As a mobile service Steertrak are able to bring the specialised brake lathe to your workshop and skim the disk whilst on the vehicle. The process typically takes about 45 minutes per axle.

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